Date: 16 Nov 2019
Run/Time: HD 1:32:00

Elder Zachary, with his toned slim body, has always been a handsome man and his cherubic features give him a dark and mysterious allure that makes him very popular among the brethren. When Bishop Hart summons him, Elder Zachary isn’t sure what to expect but when he’s asked if he has an attraction to older men, he becomes a willing pupil. Giving himself over to Bishop Hart’s tutelage, Zachary experiences pleasure and life like never before. Instructed to stay silent about the order, Zachary doesn’t confide in Elder Ingles but when he catches Ingles masturbating, with his new outlook, Zachary sees this moment as an invitation. When Zachary realizes that President Lee is aware of his relations with Ingles he’s nervous but also eager to experience his punishment.