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Date: 29 Dec 2019
Run/Time: HD 2:00:46

Dalton Riley has taken to cleaning out the old and exchanging it for the new, and that seems to include his significant other, as his boyfriend catches him in the downstairs office cheating with Simon Evans. With his girlfriend away, Ty Derrick is ready to mingle. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, and besides, Scott Finn is just too tempting to pass up, with a mouth made to please and an ass worth the risk of getting busted. It becomes clear to Quin Quire that his boss is in need of a little relief on the job site. Ricky Ridges’ blue balls are making it impossible to focus on his duties, but luckily Quin aims to please his superiors. With a mountain of yard work waiting for him, Carter Woods asks roomie Gunner if he could be persuaded to pitch in and do it for him. Gunner isn’t too interested, but he tells Carter he might help out if the two of them can get hot and sweaty indoors.